• Mx Look up tool
    I have always used . This is the most popular and reliable tool I know
  • What is the deletation period of a domain?
    Hey, I had some gTLD domains (.com, .net, .org). Usually it takes 80-120 days from the moment of expiration for the domain to be released to general availability. If your domain is already in redemption, but you do not want to pay the high fee, you may consider backordering services to make sure that noone registers it before you.
  • How to set up email after domain transfer?
    The same way you set it up with your old registrar :) You just need to get the required DNS records from you mail host and set them up with the help of this article
  • I have received this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded". What can I do?
    HI! I think firstly you should check whether this is caused by some abusers or so. Consult with support for them to check the reason of the problem. If everything is right, then most probably your website just needs better hosting :) I suggest you just need to upgrade your hosting package.
  • Unlocking Domain Problem After Changing Whois
    You must wait at least 60 days from registration before transferring your domain. Additionally, domains cannot be transferred within a 60-day period after previous transfer (see ICANN's 'Policy on Transfer of Registrations Between Registrars'

    The policy you referred to is outdated.

    If your domain transfer has failed due to this error, please make sure that:

    The domain was not created or transferred within past 60 days;
    Registrar Lock is disabled. Domain status in WHOIS should be changed from ‘ClientTransferProhibited’ to ‘OK’.
  • Added The A @ Record But The Domain Name Is Still Not Resolved
    Do you choose the record type as NS for the nameservers? Also, mind that you can add nameservers for subdomains only in case you already pointed @ to the IP address. It would be helpful if you provide the values you are entering.
  • Just Purchased 2 Domains, I Want To Send Traffic From .Com To .Co.Uk, What Am I Doing Wrong?
    If you can provide a screenshot of that, it would be great. Otherwise, feel free to contact Live Support. Also, just make sure that you follow the steps at
  • Cannot Forward Domain
    Hi! You can find the instructions here
    Yes, URL redirects makes the site load much more slower, since upon a request from a browser, a website is not loaded directly from a webserver, but first it takes time to redirect your request to another URL (and there can be sevaral redirects before you reach the destination). It greatly affects SEO as well.
  • Subdomain In DNS
    propagation time for host records should take no more than a few hours if you did not switch nameservers for your domain before that. the propagation time is defined by TTL (time-to-live). You should lower the TTL value before making the changes (of course if supports this feature)
  • [Question] Cancelling Account
    I think the only way to cancel the entire account is contacting. Cause they eager to know why you've made such a decision and they need to make sure that all services are cancelled since the account should be clean before closure.
  • Email address cant send and received not working?
    I suppose the first thing you should check is domain DNS settings. Check if the MX records are correctly set up. Also, have a look at the email client settings. If nothing helps, support is always there for you :)
  • [Question] mispellled domain
    Here is the answer from Admin in another discussion:
    Hi Jack,

    Good thing you asked.

    We can help you in some circumstances but it is vital that you email us your request to within the first 3 days of the registration of your domain.

    We'll check every case individually :)
  • [Question] Subdomain
    Good question! I wonder if catch-all (wildcard) subdomain is supported as well. Guys, any ideas about that?
  • Mail
    I guess they should be able to provide some backup in such cases. The question is: how long do they store your backup. You may ask support for this info. And don't forget to share it here ;)
  • Domain Life Cycle
    Once a domain is reactivated, nameservers(DNS) are switched back from parking ones to the nameservers you set up initially, and the these changes usually take up to 48 hours to propagate globally.
  • Transferring Domain
    Domain transfers can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 days to complete. The exact time-frame depends on the domain's top-level-domain (TLD) and the time required for your current registrar to complete the process.
  • What Will Be The Effects Of Transferring A Domain From One Webhost To Another?
    If you are using third-party DNS (like your hosting company DNS or private DNS), the domain transfer will not cause any issues as the DNS server settings will remain the same during transfer.

    If you're using your old registrar's default DNS service, there will be a downtime for your website. To minimize it, once the transfer is completed, you will need to restore the DNS settings for your domain in your Hello Internet account as soon as possible.

    The following guide might be helpful for you:
  • Transfer
    It means changing a registrar(a company) for a domain name. For example, if you have your domain registered somewhere else, then you find out that offers better pricing and service for domains, so you decide to move your domain to them. It can be done at
    If you have questions about the process of transfer, feel free to post it here ot contact support - they will gladly help.