• Wordpress site
    Yes, You can do that.

    Check out the following Url where this Question have already been answered by Gerardo

    Url :
  • What can I do if I regret a domain registration?
    @Admin that's a great Option which we normally don't see with other providers !
  • Antivirus for Windows 10
    Windows Defender is the best choice. I don't keep any other ones as Windows 10 has in built security features which avoids all the normal Virus attacks; coupled with Windows Defender - you really don't need a second Antivirus.
  • Can I use email service for bulk email.
    Ideally, Any Email if used for Bulk Emailing from your own server will cause Blacklisting by ISP.

    Using one of the Email Marketing campaigns is always a best option for sending Bulk Emails. There are quite a lot of them out there which you may use.
  • Website Builder
    I believe they provide Weebly as the option for Website Building, see the image below


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  • How can I know if my domain is setup and is ready?
    The best way is always the simplest method - Open a Browser and see if your Site is loading. That's where you can understand the status of your DNS Setup.

    To understand & ensure that Domain Propagation Status, you may use any of the below tools which will give complete information about the status from different parts of the world.

    Let's look at an example here:-

    I am showing it for the site :- ; by using the Tool

    If the Propagation is complete, it will give you Green tick & if not, a Red x mark. See the below Image and you can try it out yourself.

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  • I'm having issues setting up my default browser.
    You can find that Option Under Settings, in the section by Name "Search". You need to select the option there as Google & you should be all set.

    You may also want to set Option as shown in the picture below to ensure that Yahoo is not opening up,
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  • SEO Ranking
    That's very vast area to cover :)

    Here's a great Guide by Moz which explains in details about the SEO.

    Url :
  • Domain used or not
    You can type in the Domain name which you are planning to purchase in the Big Search Box available in the Top of the Home Page.

    Once you have added it, All the Potential Domain Names across multiple TLD's will pop up.
    The Domain Names with the GREEN Coloured "ADD" Button Next to it are the available Domain Names. The Domain Names with "NA" as remark are the ones which are already taken.

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  • CRM
    Yes Marileen - What would you like to know about it ?
  • Hello World!
    Welcome to the group Marileen ! Glad to have to you here !
  • SEO feature
    Hello.Co predominantly deals with Web Hosting, Domain Registrations /Renewal/ Transfers & Email Services. They doesn't seems to be Providing SEO Services at this point of time.
  • Drop Downs
    This really depends on the platform which you are using for the development. Each platform has its own features & limitations. Some has this feature Built-In and Some requires coding.

    Personally, I am fan of WordPress where you can bring in those Menu Dropdowns with few clicks & requires Zero Development.

    I would be happy to Guide you if you can get me more information about your platform in Use.
  • Use .in domain with Hosting Account.
    Not at all, There is no such restriction pertaining to Top-Level Domain (TLD).

    You can very use .in Domain Name.
  • New to Blogs
    The answer to this question really depends on what your goal is. Each of them have their own specific purposes & its up to the developer/owner to decide what they want to achieve out of it.

    I am adding a few major differences between them, hope it will help you in making a decision.


    • Content is static.
    • Formal/professional.
    • Interactivity does not exist. There is only one-way communication.
    • Transactional.
    • Communication about products and/or ser
    • Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today.


    • Content is regularly updated.
    • Not formal.
    • Interactive.
    • Informative and educational.
    • Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
    • Some people have a blog.
    Hello Marileen !
    The question is a bit confusing - Could you specify your requirement ? Are you looking for Creating Multiple sites or Creating one site in an expedited manner ? Or are you trying to check for details about ?

    I believe I would be able to help you further if can pinpoint your exact requirement.
  • Slow website loading
    There are multiple reasons due to which it can happen. Best option that I would suggest you to try is to use one the below tools to Test your Site & it will give you the exact issues along with the solution for it.

    Google Page Insights :- PageSpeed Insights is an online tool which helps in identifying performance best practices on any given website, provides suggestions on a webpage’s optimizations, and suggests overall ideas of how to make a website faster. Per URL request, it grades webpage performance on a scale from 1 to 100 and provides a report on suggested optimizations, divided into categories of high, medium, and low priorities.

    Url :

    Pingdom :- Monitor your website's availability and performance for free with Pingdom and always be the first to know when your website is down.

    Url :-
  • Weebly question
    @Jake - I would definitely place my bet on WordPress. Being one of the Most used Platform (26% of all Sites), WordPress is the best option in my opinion.

    Let me add few quick features which will assist you in taking a decision.

    • Ease of Development - Even with very minimal or no experience in development & coding, you can start a WordPress Site. WordPress is known for its Massive amount of Plugins that can serve any need that may arise makes it so simple for setting up. Last but not least, there are 1000's of free and excellent themes available plus an added option for buy premium ones.

    • Flexibility - WordPress enables you to practically make any type of site that you require, be it a company site, a Blog, eCommerce Site, a Portfolio, a Government Site or a Charity one, Online community, Forum etc.. The list is endless, only your imagination is the limit when it comes to WordPress

    • Search Engine Friendly - WordPress Code is Clean & Simple, making it easy for Search Engines to read and Index. In addition to these you can setup page specific Keywords, Meta descriptions & Titles - it allows a perfect SEO optimization methodology.

    • User Experience - Adding a Blog, a Post or a Page is very simple & can be done very quickly with minimal time expenditure on Formatting.

    • Best Blogging tool Available - WordPress was initially built for Blogging tool for Journalists. The best part about WordPress is that it comes with an in built option to have a Blog - i.e. you don't need to think about choosing a Website over a Blog or Blog over Website.

    • Highly Scalable - WordPress is Highly Scalable and can grow with your demands.

    • WooCommerce - Powered with the help of WordPress is one of the best option when it comes to eCommerce site. Over 1 Million eCommerce Sites powered by WooCommerce makes it 40% of the total amount of eCommerce Websites out there. This is a Free Plugin which converts your wordpress blog or site to an eCommerce Site. Extremely stable and built to Scale. Only limiting factor would the Server Power that you are using

    There are numerous benefits & features that you will hear about WordPress, I just have added few that came on top of the mind.

Syamraj K

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