• Can't load website
    Wayne, hi.

    Remember that after renewing a domain, it may take some time for the site to start loading again. This due to the delay in the DNS propagation.

    Please try again in a couple of hours.
    If the problem persists please contact for assistance.

    Hello Internet
  • Unable to transfer a dot info domain to
    Luke hi!

    Can you please email ?
    Will check what the issue is and will help to get this done.


  • Hacer registros CNAME y TXT

    To create records:
    1. Log into your account at
    2. Click on your domain in the left panel, Active section
    3. Look for the Configure DNS section
    4. Look for the a/cname/txt tab
    5. Look for the A or CNAME Records tab

    Please note that you have to be using our DNS service to create A records in your control panel. If this is not the case please create a new discussion in our forum or send us an email to

    Our DNS service servers are: and

    If you have any problems with the creation please email

  • SPF Records for email?

    The correct SPF record to include for email is:

    "v=spf1 -all"

    Please take this into account if you need this.

  • Is anyone having problem in changing nameservers.

    Please contact .
    This does look very strange and I have not found any other reported issues with nameservers.

  • Web Page cannot be reached

    My advice is that you check with your hosting provider. As it appears, you are not using´s DNS or hosting service. In that case, the provider that should be able to help is the DNS/Hosting provider.

    For future doubts, my advice is that:

    1. You check the status of the domain in the WHOIS database.
    If you find anything strange, a suspended or Inactive status, contact the registrar. ( in this case)

    2. If the WHOIS info looks correct, check the DNS settings:
    This website allows you to check if the DNS are answering correctly.

    For your case:
    The DNS servers are not responding.

    3. Finally, if you don´t find issues in 1 and 2, contact your Hosting provider to see if they can help with the issue.

    Please check with your DNS and hosting provider what the issue might be.

    As always feel free to contact support at if you have any problems.

  • MX record for Hello Email

    Did some research!
    The correct MX record for´s email is:

    @ ->

    With priority 10.

    To test this you can use:

  • How do I redirect visits to my domain to another URL (since I have no website) ?
    Hi Chris!

    This are the steps to redirect to a different URL.

    1. Log into your account at
    2. Click on your domain in the left panel, Active section.
    3. Look for the DNS Configuration section
    4. The last tab will have a Domain redirection option

    If you want to mask the destination address, activate the option for this. This way, the address bar will show your domain and not the destination.

    If you want to do path forwarding, activate the option for this. This way, if someone goes to, they will be redirected to the destination URL with the following path.

    * Notes
    - Some web hosts, CMS systems or pages do not allow for masked redirections (mask URLs).
    - You need to have our DNS servers: and for this to work properly.
    - Please delete all the A, CNAME, and TXT records for @ and for www before activating this option or the redirection may not work correctly.

    If you run into any issues, email support at


    Hello Internet
  • How to change contact information?
    Here it is!

    To update the contact information associated to a domain follow these steps:

    1. Log into your account at
    2. Click on your domain name in the left panel, Active section
    3. Scroll down and look for the Contacts section
    4. Edit the information that needs to get updated
    5. Save and exit

    * Make sure you confirm the changes from the email(s) associated with the change.

    If any issues arise, contact

    Hello Internet
    Dear Ruben,

    Outgoing transfers are mostly handled by the receiving registrar. If you have doubts about the status of an outgoing transfer, please contact your new registrar and confirm with them the status of the process.

    Have a great day!

    Hello Internet
  • Domain creation date
    Hi Elvis,

    Please consider the format mm-dd-yyyy

    Have a great day!

    Hello Internet
  • Se ha suspendido la cuenta de G Suite de tu dominio.
    Hola John,

    Esto parece un problema específico a tu cuenta de Google.
    Sugiero estos links para que resuelvas tu situación:

    Un cordial saludo,

    Hello Internet
  • Unable to updates my name servers.

    This sounds like a specific case for a specific domain. Could you please email us with all the information about your case, (include screenshots if possible) at ?

    Our team will check and will provide an answer via email.


    Hello Internet
  • hosting my own email server
    Jason hi!
    We would need to check the details of this request.
    Please email and our team will check and see if we can help you with this.

    Hello Internet
  • Error in newly transferred .NYC domain
    Paul hi!

    Can you please email ?
    Someone in our team will check and get this fixed.

    Hello Internet
  • SSL and Weebly
    what are the A records for "" hosting instead of using the "weebly" site? or just delete the weebly A record?

    Email support to get the IP address of retrieve it from the Hosting welcom email.
    Support can help configure the A Records for the domain.

    how to set up SSL for the domain registered via Hello? does this apply to all domains on the hosting package?

    SSL is automatically activated for domains using our hosting service.
    This applies to all domains using our hosting.

    how to deal with SSL for an "add-on" domain in the hello hosting ?

    SSL is also activated for "add-on" domains.
    The domains must be correctly pointing via A record to the hosting service.

    will email alias work for "add-on" domains?

    There is no email functionality in our hosting service.
    It is fully disabled.
    If you need emails you need to activate the Email service from
  • Setting up email on Synology NAS
    Jason hi!

    Email us at .
    Someone in our development team can definitely help out with the process.

    Hello Internet
  • How can I set up my email service on Thunderbird?
    Please note that for new services the servers will be:


    Hello Internet
  • [Question] Email Setup for Android devices.
    For Outlook>

    Account type: IMAP

    Authentication: Password
    Use SSL: Yes (for both incoming and outgoing)

    incoming Server name:
    port: 993
    Security: SSL/TLS

    outgoing Server name:
    port: 25
    Security: STARTTLS

    With the same settings as above for everything else.

    This should get you set and ready in Outlook!

    Hello Internet
  • How can I get an invoice for a payment I made to hello?
    Hi Gerardo,

    To get an invoice for a transaction follow these steps:

    From a laptop or desktop (full site version).
    1. Log into your account at
    2. Click on the SUMMARY button in the left panel.
    3. Look for the TRANSACTIONS tab
    4. Look for the payment you made
    5. Click on the pdf icon on the right to download the invoice.

    If you have trouble with this please email

    Hello Internet