• breakaway
    I'll be setting up a new blog and planning to purchase a domain name from Hello. What would be the best platform to use in your opinion? Blogger? Wordpress? Weebly?

  • Marileen
    As far as I know, it's Wordpress..
  • Hamda

    Every platform has its advantages. But personally, I prefer Wordpress because it is efficient and easy to use.
  • Syamraj K
    WordPress is definitely the best choice when it comes to Blog, no second thoughts.

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    Url : http://forum.hello.co/discussion/comment/405#Post_405
  • Victor
    My personal choice is Wordpress, it has a lot of customizations, the free templates are good and basically, you have more control of how you want your site to be displayed.
  • Tuan
    Hi all,
    I would also recommend https://about.me/ - they offer nice-looking personal page, which you can use for your blog, for advertising yourself or your business, etc.
    It greatly suits people who are not tech-savvy, since creating a website is simplified to 'drag and drop'. For me much easier and hassle-free than Wordpress.
  • breakaway
    Thanks everyone for your replies. Looks like Wordpress is the real winner! But I am also surprised that there are some who prefer Blogger. I have set up a blog via Blogger several years ago. It's doormant now. Can't complain with Blogger, but I feel like there's still more to improve. Haven't tried exploring Wordpress yet. Indeed, it really depends on the user's preferences, requirements and where they intend to use the blog. Will surely start navigating through Wordpress but anyone who has any suggestions, feel free to comment on.

    @Tuan - Will look into about.me for sure. Thanks bro!
  • Mike
    It would be advisable that wordpress is better than blogger if you want to develop deep customization website or might be web application. In addition, beside wordpress you can also try joomla and drupal they are also great content management system but if you want to run simple web pages and do not want complex customization so you can use blogger or wordpress it self provide blog options here is url https://en.blog.wordpress.com/.

  • SRami
    Each one has its advantages and disadvantages but in my personal experience and opinion I would go with Wordpress.

    Wish you luck.

    Hello All,

    WordPress is best for it because it has many advantages and easy to use.

  • M Noman Ajmal
    Hello breakaway
    I would recommend wordpress as a top priority. As there are alot of advantages considering that you are a newbie. On second number I would recommend weebly and then blogger.
    If you could contact then I believe you can get much better information there.'
    M Noman Ajmal
  • Eric Clifford
    Hi @breakaway The most popular would definitely Wordpress. When I was new and deciding i chosed wordpress since it was user friendly and has themes to choose at but as latter pass where i was on the midst of doing well on my blog, i thought it would be better if i could engage in monetization. Sadly, when it comes to the basic version of WordPress.com, you hardly have options for monetizing blog except adding affiliate links or normal banner ads throughout your posts or blog content. As the basic version does not allow you to put third-party HTML or JavaScript content, you cannot add AdSense or any other kind of advertising solutions. Hence, if you want to insert ads in your site, you should not select WordPress.com . Thus introduce me to Weebly and Blogger.. If you wanna go free and start, go to blogger, its the only among the two that provides many features which is premium on the others.
  • Alyssa
    I like WordPress the best and have created multiple sites with it. There are tons of great plugins, themes and it is easy to use. In addition, you can place ads, unless you are using the basic version.
  • breakaway
    Thanks guys. I have chosen Wordpress this time. Have actually worked on the Blogger platform before but it was simply a personal blog a long time ago.

    @Eric - Yeah, that's the usual feedback that I've been getting. If you aim to monetize your blog, Blogger has more options and using it is more advantageous. The thing is I am quite getting a positive experience working with Wordpress but I surely want to monetize it.

    I will review various platforms and tools as to how to monetize my Wordpress blog and will share my experiences here. For now, I'd be focusing on generating content and perhaps establishing social media presence which will take a few months. Hopefully it all goes well. Cheers.
  • Josie B
    I think a lot of people prefer wordpress. I have a blogger account too that I set up years ago. I think monetizing blogger is easier with google ads since blogger is also from google. That was my experience then. I am not sure now. I recommended wordpress to my friend because I noticed that a lot of people prefer wordpress and a lot of people use wordpress for their website when they buy a domain.
  • Umair Abbas
    Dear all,

    In my opinion, Blogger is a much better choice for a free-blog, as it provides many features that have been listed premium on other services.

    Hence, blogger is the best platform, with which you should start your free blog. However, hello.co also provides amazing assistance, so you should try their services as well.
  • Eugen Lewis
    thanks for your question. Each blog platform has its own pros and cons. Some people prefer WordPress, others give preference to Weebly, Blogger or Wix. You can also run a blog on Drupal or Joomla. Both are great options as well.

    Thre's no 'one-size-fits-all' answer to your question. A lot depends on your skills and goals. Whichever platform you opt to choose, keep in mind that you can, and you should, have a unique domain name for your website. That's important if you really want your project to stand out, and if you're interested in getting your site properly indexed by search engines. You can configure a custom domain name for your blog or website on all platforms, be it WordPress, Blogger or Weebly.

    And this website offers domain name reqistration at cost-effective prices: https://www.hello.co/
  • HumpreyAccepted Answer
    WordPress is very easy to customize. Please let me know if you need help in setting up your site and I'll be more than happy to help you out.
  • mohamed
    i see also wordpress is the best option for starting new blog due to several reason like : themes , tons of plugins , seo , flexibility ,....etc and it is have a great market share .

    if you need any assistance please don't hesitate to tell me .

    Thanks ,
  • Kemi Ojo
    WordPress is the most suitable!
  • Sanzida Aktrr
    Each one has its personal advantages and disadvantages. From three of them wordpress is very easy to customize.In my personal experience and opinion I would go with wordpress.
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