• jake81
    Is .com always the best?

  • Victor
    Not necessary is the best for your domain, but it is the most recognizable.

    The best domain extension is the one that has the context according to your site. For example, if you are going to register a business (.biz), or an organization (.org), maybe something more millenial (.xyz)

    You could sign up your domain with an extension of your choosing, then register another one with .com and redirect it to the one you registered first.
  • M Noman Ajmal
    .com is widely used but may not be the best. There are other domains as well like .org and .edu as well. The best I know is .org.
  • Kapil
    .com is by far the most common type of domain name. In some cases, the best choice is .com but for others, .me or another extension might make more sense. If you’re in the process of choosing a domain name for your next website, do check some other options too.
  • mari
    Not always. I prefer my domain to be .com but probably if its a business I'd go for .biz, if for purely information I'd choose .info, and so on. Doesn't really matter as long as the context is related to your domain name then you're good.
  • Mike
    Hello Jake,
    Hope you are doing well, As you know Matt Schaefer, who runs a tech channel on YouTube with more than 100,000 subscribers, is using www.mattschaefer.tech . When you see the URL, you know you’re not only going to Matt’s site, but also what to expect when you get there. Award-winning Italian startup Horus Technology will be using blind.tech for marketing its wearable device designed to assist the blind and visually-impaired making it another easily-recongizable name.

    To sum up, .com is not always best it depends on the context according to your site.

  • breakawayAccepted Answer
    Commonly used but not totally the best. Choose a domain extension according to the content of your website, business or what your site offers.
  • jake81
    Many thanks everyone for your helpful replies. I am pretty amazed by the exciting domain extensions and already found a few that are relevant to my website. It's just that I need to consider discoverability and also take note if the users will find my website easy to remember. On the other hand, those fascinating extensions would also help users in remembering my website and the niche that it is in. I will carefully plan on how to go about this, but while weighing the pros and cons now, I think I'd be going for a more exciting domain extension and won't be sticking to the usual .com :) Thanks a lot everyone!
  • Alyssa
    It is is certainly the most common. I try to stick with the .com extension but if I feel that another, more fun extension makes the domain memorable, it's a good option.
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