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    Dates set for the launch of .boston websites

    You´ll see them starting September 26, but you may not want to wait to apply for yours.
    Boston, July 3, 2017

    September 26 is go-live day for .boston domain names. While some web addresses will get activated before the 26th , this will be the official day in which the domains will be live and people will start seeing sites ending in .boston. Examples of these new websites could be www.hotels.boston, www.sports,boston, www.parks.boston, etc.
    There is an interesting opportunity around these .boston web addresses. Local businesses have a new option to brand themselves online and establish a meaningful and localized web presence. Restaurants, hotels, bars, events, concerts and places may find in .boston the best option for their websites and communications.

    Early adopters may be able to capitalize on this opportunity if they buy the domains before anyone else. Domains have become an interesting digital asset and there is an active aftermarket for domains where they get sold for thousands and in some cases for millions of dollars. Early birds may be able to register a domain for a small fee and sell it in the future making a good profit.
    Anyone interested in getting a .boston website can request one today at www.hellodotboston.com.This site, offered by Hello Internet- ICANN Accredited domain registrar, allows people to request .boston domains for $50. This includes the first year of the registration of the domain. The domains would get delivered to the owners on September 26. Applying early increases the chances of getting a domain since several parties may be interested in the same web address.
    If anyone wants a domain that may also be wanted by someone else, or if there is a web address you would not risk not having, it may be worth it to request the domain early and try to secure it before anyone else.

    According to Gerardo Aristizabal, Director of Hello Internet, there is a lot of expectation around .boston. This is a historic moment that will not happen again. Aristizabal expects .boston to outperform .miami and says it will be interesting to see if .boston can beat .nyc in the number of domains registered. In the case of New York 80,000 domains got registered with a .nyc ending; for .miami 15,000 names were requested.

    For more information about the .boston launch process interested parties can visit www.hellodotboston.com or contact Hello Internet at .
  • Gerardo Aristizabal
    Update! Launch is scheduled for October 10.
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