• Sanzida Aktrr
    What is the difference between Gmail and Google Apps?

  • SudiptaAccepted Answer
    Hi Aktrr, Here is the difference between Gmail and Google Apps.

    A Gmail account is a free Google Account with an email address that ends in @gmail.com. From the Gmail mailbox, user can also access Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites. The account also allows users to instantly login to the dozens of other Google applications like Picasa, Blogger and Maps. Many Gmail users like the application and the anytime/anywhere access so much that they arrange to have their work email forwarded to Gmail.

    This is more common in smaller organizations where email security is more lax. The account settings of Gmail allow one to use their business email address to appear as the "reply from" address. Gmail accounts are administered by the individual who owns the account and not the business' IT administrator.

    Google Apps account
    A Google Apps account (stressing the words "apps") is an account associated with a domain that uses Google Apps (mail, calendar, docs and sites) for messaging and collaboration. These accounts currently come with 7GB of email storage space, access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Sites.

    This type of account is useful for organizations, clubs, and informal groups that do not need the enhanced security, support and administration options of Google Apps for Business. The only type of support that comes with this account is a link to the Google Help Center and Google Help User Forum. These accounts are free; however the domain is limited to ten users at one time. 

  • Sunil K Saini
    to simplify, you can add yourname.com domain to use google server to host as email service provider.

    you can sign in to gmail with and all services of google will be accesses at your domain. Although gapp is chargable approx $50/year per user.
  • jake81
    In a nutshell, Google Apps are somewhat a collection of Google applications, and GMail is one of these applications. Other apps include Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Eugen Lewis
    hi there, good question! Gmail is a public email service that anyone can use for free, the only condition is having a Google account. By the way, a Google acount is created automatically once you sign up for any Google App (basically, Gmail is also an app). Other free Google Apps are, for instance, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google News, Google Calendar, etc.

    On the other hand, there are Google Apps for business, which let you use services created by Google on your host. For example, you can use Gmail interface for managing corporate emails like

    I hope this makes the things a little clearer to you.
  • Umair Abbas
    Google Apps do not necessarily end with "@gmail.com". For instance, users can sign up for Google Apps accounts that are associated with their @yahoo or other email addresses. Using this account they can create, and edit as well as collaborate on Google Docs without using any Google Email system.
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