• Eugen Lewis
    I want to add a custom favicon to my website. I've got a domain name registered with Hello.co, two subdomains, and my main website is built with Weebly so far.

    Question one:
    - What are the requirements for a favicon?

    Question two:
    - Can a favicon be added manually (maybe, I'll change Weebly to another website builder later)?

    Question three:
    - How do I set different favicons for my subdomains?
  • Faisal Asghar
    Hi @Eugen Lewis
    Favicon is a logo shown in the address bar of the web browser besides the URL or shown on the corner of the browser’s tab.
    Make sure that the following requirements are met when uploading a favicon
    • The image must be square. A rectangular image of any kind will fail on upload.
    • The image must be saved as a .jpg, .png, or .ico file.
    • 64 pixels by 64 pixels is the ideal size for the image, though it's also okay to have one that's larger or smaller (no smaller than 16x16 and no larger than 100x100 are good rules of thumb and will ensure your favicon looks great).

    Regarding question two, yes you can add a favicon manually.
    To do this in Weebly, find the option to upload a favicon for your site under the General section of Settings and click upload to search your computer for a favicon image you'd like to use. Next, you should publish to make the favicon live on your site, though there's a good chance that it won't show up in your own browser right away upon publish. This is because favicons are cached very strongly by browsers, and publishing your site doesn't update that cache immediately. However, first-time visitors to your site will be able to see your favicon, as will anyone visiting in a browser they haven't used on a previous visit.
  • M Noman Ajmal
    Hi All
    I believe Faisal has given a very good and detailed explanation and answers here. Thanks Faisal for sharing this with us.
    If you need any help on this Eugen then please contact
    M Noman Ajmal
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