• jake81
    I have availed of the Weebly website builder through Hello. I am currently maintaining a free Wordpress blog, with its wordpress.com address and I wanted to try another builder. So far, I'm happy with Weebly. It is good and functional. Hopefully it stays that way! :D The issue is the batch of images that I have uploaded recently were all blurry.

    Just wanting to know of the ideal photo size or dimensions to ensure that the photos that appear on my website are clear and crisp?

    Thank you all and look forward to any help or advise on this. Have a great day!
  • breakaway
    Hi Jake! Great question. Had this difficulty too before with my previous blog. What device are you using in taking those photos by the way? Yeah, I think photos or images with 1500 pixels are ideal. It may take a long time uploading these images though, but you are guaranteed of clear and crisp images for your site. I also had this issue before where my photos ended up blurry and all that! Although a bit of inconvenience uploading them, it is great to see beautiful images on the website - photos that people, followers or potential customers may look forward to each time. :)
  • Eric Clifford
    Hi @jake81 When viewed on a desktop, your web page is usually going to have a content area of at least 960px. So sizing your ‘large’ images to around 960 px wide should be quite adequate for a normal website. In terms of overall monitor widths, most of your web visitors have computer monitors that are at least 1,280 px wide. Some may have very large monitors – 1,920 px, 2,560px or even larger.
  • Alyssa

    It really depends on where the image is being placed. Here is a guide to help you: http://techdocs.blogs.brynmawr.edu/3704
  • Faisal Asghar
    HI Jake81
    An ideal image size is that which loads quickly and retains its crisp and sharpness. Most of the devices used nowadays have an aspect ratio of 16:9. So try to resize your images to this aspect ratio so they fit the screens better. Also, it depends where the image is being placed. For example, a thumbnail would obviously have a small resolution. For an image intended to be viewed on full screen, the ideal resolution should be 1280x720 minimum.
  • jake81
    Thank you all for your replies. These ideas are very useful and I do appreciate them! @Eric, indeed it is useful to consider the size of the computer monitors of most online users in coming up with the right image size. Optimising them before uploading will surely help, depending on the web page or category that I am placing them. The thing is, I hope to know the right image for the homepage that would not be big enough as I am afraid that it may slow down my site. But I will definitely stick to the 960 px recommended site first and see how it goes.
  • M Noman Ajmal
    Hello Jake
    Please refer to the following link as it explains the different photo sizes for wordpress site. Here is the link: https://codex.wordpress.org/Image_Size_and_Quality
    Personally I have seen masses using the ratio of 16:9 as stated by Faisal. The resultion will depend upon where you place the image. Thus I would recommend you to take a look at the article I shared as it explains different aspects.
    I hope this helps
    M Noman Ajmal
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