• Olivia
    Which is better, buying a new domain or opting for an expired domain?
    If so, what are the benefits of purchasing expired domains? I heard that Google likes domains that have history...
    And what are the advantages of buying new domains?

    Would be happy to know any ideas or tips. Thankies guys! :)
  • breakaway
    I'd choose a fresh/new domain. If you really want to use an expired domain, make sure to check if it's blacklisted. Verify everything first before giving it a go.
  • Hamda

    if you want a better SEO ranking, an old domain is good.
  • Syamraj K
    Old Domains with a Good History & Reputation will help you with Rankings, However if its got a negative history then it would impact very badly in Rankings.

    I would suggest you to check them thoroughly before taking a call. Another Major item you should keep in mind is that Good Domains with Good History are never cheap, mostly goes above $100; so if you find a domain which is of low cost then be extra careful.
  • mari
    Depends really on your choice. If you want to monetize your domain instantly then go buy an expired domain since it already has history but like everyone is saying, check everything as many of these expired domains doesn't have good history which will also affect your ranking on Google. And yes some of these expired domains costs multiple times than creating or buying a new domain.
  • Faye
    I agree with @breakaway. Thoroughly check the background of the domain before deciding to purchase it. There are many ways to check if a domain is blacklisted or not. You can avoid buying a domain with bad reputation. If you want to know more on how to avoid buying domains with bad reputation, you can refer in this link.
  • Olivia
    Many thanks for your replies guys! :) I am very happy with all of the insights that I have been getting here! :) Seriously, choosing a domain is indeed hard work. It seems as if it is easy to just pick a domain but y'all have a point, I really need to consider several factors before choosing one! I have heard some awful stories of people accidentally purchasing a domain that has been penalized by Google. Heard that this can be rectified though by submitting a reconsideration request.

    If I am really drawn to purchasing an old domain that has been previously penalized by Google, do you have any idea on how to go about it? Thanks a lot for answering guys. I am sure that our other fellows here/out there will find this incredibly useful! :)
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